Dryer Vent Repair

Have you ever been in that annoying situation when your dryer, out of the blue, chooses to give you warm and fluffy clothes? For someone who is used to warming towels straight out of the dryer and soft clothes with no sort of irregular folds, the depreciation of performance of the dryer can be quite disappointing. You will probably be bugged with speculative issues like something might be wrong with your belt blower or perhaps the heating mechanisms.

But most times, dryers stop performing its heating or circulating functions for a very simple reason: the ventilation duct is no longer functional. Ventilation ducts may be crushed, twisted, torn, or simply clogged with dryer lint, in other words preventing the free flow of air and the release of moisture that each dryer requires.

However, if the problems in your dryer are not mechanical or internal problems, there is a probable chance that the vent will be defective. So, we are exploring the basic process to dismantle the problems associated with dryer vent ducts from start to finish.


Step 1: Gather your supplies

Before you begin to repair your dryer vent, you will need some essential supplies to complete each step. Fortunately, the list of supplies is neither long nor complicated for this repair. All you need is:

  • Screwdriver
  • Washcloth
  • Tape
  • Plumbing snake
  • Trash can

These are things that you probably already have at home, and the washcloth and trash can be replaced with anything that has a similar function.

Step 2: Empty and wash the lint filter

Once you have your supplies together, you can start working on the dryer. Start by pulling the lint filter from the top of the unit or just inside the door. The lint filter leads directly to the vent and, if clogged with lint, can affect the efficiency and quality of your dryer. For this repair, do not just pick up the spare fiber.

Take the time to thoroughly wash the lint screen by running it in cold water and rubbing it with a cloth. It’s also a good time to scoop out any lingering lint that you can easily see and reach inside the lint filter housing.

Step 3: Remove the dryer from the wall

The next step in any serious vent troubleshooting is to move your dryer away from the wall. In fact, this can be a repair step all by itself depending on the condition of your ventilation duct.

Step 4: Check the duct for tears and gaps

When the air duct is exposed, make a good and long inspection of this flexible and shiny cylinder. Look for any visible tears or damage that may be causing the problem. Perform a test to detect any small air leaks that can cause inefficiency of the vent.

Step 5: Tighten the seals at both ends of the duct

You will also want to make sure that the gasket at one end of the vent duct of your dryer is secure. If the duct is completely intact, you can still lose the warm air and efficiency of the dryer simply by having a duct too poorly secured

Step 6: Clear the duct channel

It is also possible that the dryer duct was filled and clogged with old lint. This is especially possible if you tend to leave your lint filter until it begins to overflow and compact the originally felt lint. The more lint in your dryer system, the more likely it is causing your problems. If your dryer’s exhaust duct is full of lint, take the time to shake it and clean it before replacing the seals.

Step 7: try the dryer again

Finally, you are ready to test your dryer and check if your repair and maintenance steps have worked.


It is advisable to always perform a routine check on your dryer vent, to prevent having soggy clothes and having to deal with excessive lint accumulation. Total neglect of the dryer vent can, in most cases, also lead to mold multiplication and infestation. It is also very important to note that in most cases, a DYI isn’t always the best option to follow; a contractor experienced in the vent cleaning field should also be contacted for perfect and optimum work.

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